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All will be friendly and considerate

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  • Last updated:2020-07-02
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1. A platform with multi-services

This will save your time greatly and bring much convenience.

2. Public telephone

With it, you can communicate with people for free.

3. Mid-day Still on duty

We still provide you with service on Mid-day.

4. Your opinions are our everything

a. You can express your idea or suggestions by using e-mail or suggestion box.

b. To set up the procedure for deal with peoples complaints.

c. To establish an interaction with people(Making a reservation with director)

5. Detailed contents

a. With a nursery room, the women will take after their babies easily.


b. A bell is set in the 1st floor for handicapped.

c. You will enjoy the tea for free when you come in our agency.

d. We prepare the writing desk (including pens, glasses) and waiting area for you.

e. To beautify the environment makes you seem to be at your sweet home.

6. Many ways to deal with your payment

a. Come to our agency.

b. To send a bill exchange to our agency.

c. Go to the financial section of local government.

d. Go to referral of organization.

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