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White Paper on Service for the People

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ChangHua Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice

White Paper on Service for the People

District courts used to be the execution organizations for monetary payments obligated by public law. Because they did not perform effectively, the legislature approved a new measure: if an obligor does not make the monetary payment obligated by public law after being legally notified to do so, the case shall be referred to an administrative execution office of the Administrative Execution Administration under the Ministry of Justice. This office was set up on January 1, 2001, to take charge of administrative execution of payments obligated by the law in accordance with the Compulsory Execution Act and other laws. In doing so, this office embraces the credo of honesty, efficiency, and friendliness and abides by the principle of business management. It has striven for innovation in efficiency, establishment of a government service that respects the people, enhancement of the rate of approval, and creation of a new image for government organizations.


1. Jurisdiction of this office: ChangHua County, and Nantou County

a. Changhua Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency Office:

address: 4th floor,No.349, Jhongshan Rd., ChangHua City 50065, Taiwan (R.O.C.);


Web site: https://www.chy.moj.gov.tw/

b. The Nantou Office of ChangHua Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency:

address: No.11, Guangming Rd., Jhongsing New Village, Nantou City, Taiwan,ROC.


2. Sincere service for you:

The main task of this office is to execute the cases of payments obligated by public law. Our work can strengthen the public power and increase the government's financial revenue. To carry out the task, we will abide by the law and the principle of justice and take into consideration of the people's rights and interests. Certainly, we will strive forward in keeping of the spirit of serving the people and move forward very carefully.

a. Execution business

(1) Introducing the business concept of customer first
(2) Establishing various administrative mechanisms, including measures for rendering service to the people
(3) Strengthening the control and evaluation in handling the cases in order to raise the quality of performance
(4) Integrating the resources of organizations that refer their cases to this office for the sake of people's convenience
(5) Streamlining the operational process and controlling the time requirement in handling the cases
(6) Instilling the concept of acting according to law in our staff members

b. Environment improvement

(1) Beautifying and greening the environment to make business visitors comfortable
(2) Providing a waiting room and disability-friendly facilities
(3) Establishing a distance-free counter to let business visitors feel there is no distance between us

c. Service-rendering measures

(1) Setting up a serving-the-people center with a one-stop window to answer inquiries, take complaints, and help obligors to make payments
(2) Providing a roomful waiting place, where desks, chairs, paper, staplers, and reading lasses are available for use
(3) Making the first and second floors into parking lots for business visitors to use
(4) Installing a
love bell for use by handicapped business visitors
(5) Installing a public phone on the service counter for use by business visitors
(6) Establishing a website for business visitors to download forms
(7) Setting up an opinion box to take proposals on reforms
(8) Stepping up the education for staff members to learn new ideas and skills of rendering service to the people

d. Service attitude

(1) Periodically conducting tests on telephone manners for reference in evaluating the services for the people
(2) Instilling in the staff the service concept of respecting the people
(3) Serving the people in a
proactive, patient and friendly manner
(4) Helping the people understand procedure and progress of administrative execution
(5) Guiding people making payment
(6) Assisting people in writing or filling out applications
(7) Standing on duty to facilitate business visitors


3. Service principles

a.Prudence: We pay equal attention to all cases, large or small, and treat them with prudence. We actively render service to the people and bear them in heart as much as possible in hopes that they can solve their difficulties satisfactorily.

b.Professionalism: We strictly request our staff members in charge to study and master the statutes and regulations in hopes that they can immediately and satisfactorily answer the questions raised by a concerned party.

c.Two-way communication: We serve the people sincerely. We do our best to help them according to law and reject illegal requests with euphemistic explanations.

d.Enthusiasm: The staff members in charge are required, in addition to the possession of professional knowledge, to be enthusiastic and never pass the buck.

e.Sympathy: We deal with the concerned parties by standing in their shoes and are patient to listen to their complaints and answer their questions. If we find they have misunderstood the law, we explain it to them with patience.


4. Service direction:

a. We improve our service for the people in keeping with the direction of the higher-up and create an image of honesty, efficiency, and friendliness.
b. We enhance the efficiency of our service by setting up working standards, manuals, and a one-stop service window.
c. We establish a standard process to speed up the handling of people's petitions and complaints.
d. We continue to increase the professional knowledge of our staff members so that they can handle the cases masterly and sophisticatedly.
e. We walk into the crowd on our own accord to publicize the goal, organization and functions of this office.
f. We make best use of social resources for thoroughly carrying out our services
g. We strengthen our connection and coordination with organizations that refer their cases to us so that we can share our resources and avoid infringement on people's rights and interests.


5. Conclusion

Service for the people is a continuous work. In administrative execution, we place our goal on the improvement of service. This office will learn humbly and serve you in an innovative spirit. We sincerely expect the various circles will offer us their proposals on the measures, procedure, and innovation of this office.

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