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  • Last updated:2020-02-14
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For the ideal of pursuing cost benefits, efficiency, quality and profit, we adopt enterprise managing, limited human resources and minimized cost, explicit aiming, best resources distributing and objective evaluation to reach the largest benefit under the pressure of plenty amount of cases ever since we were established on Jan. 1, 2001. In the self-recognition of being “professional” and ”responsible”, our duty is to make “Management by Objective (MBO)” workable. While facing the challenge from Knowledge Economy Era, we realized that the only way to lift administrative efficiency is to innovate, and most important above all, to perceive the urgency of implementing enterprise ideal and enforcing achievement. As the executive of public power, we clearly understand that this power comes from people’s trust and meanwhile is empowered by law, which means our budgetary receipts all count on taxes. Based on this very understanding, serving people and strengthening administrative efficiency is not only our job, but also what we believe.

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