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How should one make reports when reporting the location of an obligatory party or detailing property information for an obligatory party during the award reporting period stated in the award report announcement made by the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice?

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  • Last updated:2018-11-03
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I. The reporter can submit a report in writing (mailing address: Floor 2 No.115 Sec.1 Heping E. Rd. Taipei City, Section 3, Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice), through email (tpk03@mail.moj.gov.tw), phone (direct line 02-23512088) or fax (direct line 02-23913029).
II. The reporter should provide concrete clues and state his/her name, identification number, contact address and other contact information.
III. The reporter will be granted a monetary award if an arrest is made of the target party, based on his/her concrete clues. If the reporter reports hidden assets of an obligatory party, a monetary reward will be given to him/her, taken from the party's assets. No monetary award will be granted if a report is provided anonymously or without evidence during the award report period or if the information provided is untrue or obtained illegally. This Agency will not send out additional notices. Upon receipt of the monetary award, the reporter shall confirm that all information is true and legal. If there is a false confirmation, the offense reporter shall repay the received award or allow compulsory enforcement by the agency granting the award.
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