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General Affairs

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  • Last updated:2020-07-02
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(1) Personnel:

Employee: Director x1; Enforcement Officer x4; Secretary x1; Executive Officer x1; Personnel Officer x1; Accounting Officer x1; Statistician x1; Clerk x1; Associate Clerk x1; Clerk x17; Junior Enforcement Officer x11; Driver x1; Mechanic x1; Messenger x2.  Totality: 45




(2) Duty:

      a. The enforcement and coordination on monetary-related obligations stated by law.

      b. The deliberation of objections on monetary-related obligations stated by law.

      c. The application and implement of detention on monetary-related obligations stated by law.

      d. Other affairs on monetary-related obligations stated by law.

 (3) Governing district:

      a.Changhua County:

         Changhua City, Fenyuan Hsiang, Huatan Hsiang, Siushui Hsiang, Lugang Hsiang, Fusing Hsiang, Siansi Hsiang, Homei Hsiang, Shengang Hsiang, Yuanlin City, ShetouHsiang, Yongjing Hsiang, Pusin Hsiang, Sihu Town, Dacun Hsiang, Puyan Hsiang, Tianchong Town, Beidou Town, Tianwei Hsiang, Pitou Hsiang, Sichou Hsiang, Chutang Hsiang, Erlin Town, Dacheng Hsiang, Fangyuan Hsiang, Ershui Hsiang.  (Total: 26 administrative districts)

      b.Nantou County:

         Nantou City, Chongliao Hsian, Caotun Town, Guosing Hsiang, Puli Town, Renai Hsiang, MingJian Hsiang, Jiji Town, Shuili Hsiang, Yuchi Hsiang, Sinyi Hsiang, Chushan Town, Lugu Hsiang.  (Total:  13 administrative districts)

Total:  39 administrative districts                                     

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